Hon.  Abdiweli Ali Abdulle

“The current Deputy Chief of Staff of the Puntland  State House”

Timo Cadde


Mr. Abdiweli is the current Deputy Chief of Staff of the Puntland House who has also previously served with Puntland Non-State Actors Association (PUNSAA) as an active civil society member in the capacity of a Participatory Governance and Peacebuilding (PGP) Programme Coordinator.  He is also co-founder of the Puntland Youth Peer Education Network, which is non-profit making and non-political youth network established in Sept 2009, based in Garowe


Prior to joining the government, Abdiweli has worked many years with International organizations and local NGOs in different capacities as part of contributing to the ongoing humanitarian and developmental efforts. As a legal advisor, Abdiweli has aided various organizations with his vast expertise in the legal field by assisting the development of policies, bylaws and crucial regulations. During his tenure, he has offered countless consulting services to the local and government institutions.


Abdiweli has done his Master’s Degree in Developmental Studies (specializing in Human Development) at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya right after completing his Bachelor’s Degree of Law and Shari’ah (LL.B) from Puntland State University.



Mobile:                +252-907794097

WhatsApp:         +252-907794097