A 9-member Government of Puntland high-level delegation, including senior leadership of the Ministry of Labour, Youth and Sport, Civil Service Commission Chairman Mustafe Shaba, Office of the President Chief of Staff Deeq Yusuf, Puntland State University Vice Chancellor Mohamud Hamid and the Capacity Injection Coordination Unit successfully concluded a two-week regional study tour. Hon. Minister Abdirahman Ahmed Abdulle of the Puntland Ministry of Labour led the delegation.

The study tour gave the delegation comparative perspectives on civil service training and development trends and improved capabilities and skills to enhance efficiency and service delivery. The tour also allowed the delegation to develop and strengthen ties with regional civil service institutes. The delegation visited and met with the leadership of the Kenya School of Government (KSG), the Tanzania Public Service Collage, the Ethiopia Civil Service University, as well as with the Permanent Secretary of the Public Service Management of Tanzania Dr. Laurean Ndumbaro and Capacity Injection Project (CIP) Task Team Leader Dr. Alex Appiah-Koranteng of the World Bank during the tour.

Honorable Minister Abdirahman said that the study tour was a resounding success that exceeded all expectations and affirmed the trajectory of the CIP and public sector reforms that the Government and World Bank are implementing in Puntland. He added that the study tour opened up tangible possibilities for specific areas of corporation and partnerships with regional civil service institutes.

Chairman Mustafe Said Shaba of the Puntland Civil Service Commission—who is heading up the Capacity Injection Modality (CIM) under the CIP—agreed. He said that the trip “was both enlightening and a validation of the Government’s committed efforts at reform.” Mr. Shaba said that the perspectives the study tour afforded the delegation would aid in generating appropriate and comprehensive training and development programs for Puntland Civil Servants.

Upon returning home the delegation briefed government leadership. Chief of Staff Deeq Yusuf highlighted concrete progress the CIP program has made over the course of the year, including the recruitment of skilled civil servants. “The Twining Study Tour”, he said, “prove that the Puntland reform efforts—supported by the World Bank, the United Nations and others—represent a pioneering success in Somalia.” The Chief of Staff also thanked international donors for their continued commitment and support.

The study tour is part of World Bank-supported capacity building program to rebuild Somali state institutions and strengthen their effectiveness. You can see images of the study tour and local media coverage below.